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Monday, July 19, 2010


  Some microdicked poachers killed the sole female rhino at Krugersdorp Park in South Africa last week. These guys shot her with a tranquilizer from a helicopter, hopped down and hacked off her horn and left her to bleed to death while they celebrated a future payday. If this is not evil enough, they did it all in full view of her wee calf.

  The horns can fetch as much as $100 000 because certain Asian groups believe it to be a vital ingredient in fertility and other traditional treatments. To these folks it doesn't matter if the body parts come from endangered species as long as they get what they want. The underground market and booming wealth of previously-poor people has sparked a massive boom in black-market animal remains from rhino horns to elephant tusks to glands of white kermode bears. This is narcissism at it's worst.

  The extermination of species has nothing to do with evolution and everything to do with Man's lust for control over other beasts. Humans naturally kill common creatures and use as much of the animal as possible. There is no species that tortures another to death simply for a payday. Ours has become that sole aberration. Some members of our place in the animal kingdom have used our technological resourcefulness to selfishly commit genocide. Whether against ethnic minorities or hulking herbivores, we have taken the lives of those who look up to us and destroyed them.

  A real man protects the weak and gives strength to the voiceless. A small man destroys everything he sees because harming others, whether it be children or beasts, makes him feel powerful. There is nothing macho about ambushing a mother and murdering her in front of her child. If we find such actions despicable on our soil, it should outrage us when it occurs in a foreign land as well because everything is connected. And if it angers us to see humans butchered, it should enrage us when any member of our global community is systematically eradicated. Our Earth is like everything else- a sum of her parts; and when one element is destroyed it makes the remainder less than what it was.

 If you buy any of these folk remedies, I hope your dick falls off.


  1. My wish is that the evil people end up in hell. the best analogy is from the movie 'Ghost' I only hope that there is a dark place where evil people end up, that death is not the end of their journey. As they leave this life may they be carried off to that very dark place to suffer. Of course they will be carried off because they won't go on their own. Good people will go to a far better place filled with love. This is my wish. Humans are the sickest, cruelest animals on this planet. I hate people........well, most of them.

  2. Yes, but before falling off I hope it slowly and painfully shrivels up first. Let 'em watch! So sad!

  3. do you know that the Rhino has no natural predator other than the human being. we are the sole reason for their near extinction from the face of the earth. i hate facts like this. sorry, Rhinos.


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