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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rush To Judgment

In the latest racist slam on those not he, Rush Limbaugh has attacked various public figures based on their race as undeserving of their wealth and/or prestige. You see, in old rush's delusional mind, accomplishments made but blacks are made because of their race as opposed to in spite of it.

  You see, Michael Steele, Oprah Winfrey, and even Barack Obama are part of a conspiracy to atone for white sins of the past. Under this theory, these people were carefully selected to be black icons. He offers no basis for his claims and opines that Obama would be a tour guide in Hawaii if he was white.

  Now, Oprah Winfrey does not have a degree in broadcast journalism, but neither does Rush. She used her wit and empathy to work her way up to the top and the process took well over a decade, during which she was never fired and advanced because she put her nose to the grindstone. Oprah was given the double-whammy of being black and female in an industry that was not so kind, and when given the chance to go national, she didn't squander it. Rush, on the other hand, was handed several opportunities he didn't deserve and was fired from ESPN before most people knew he was there. Somehow it took this poor, misjudged, victim of discrimination a mere 6 years to gain national syndication. The highly engaging and intelligent Oprah had to wait more than twice as long as Rush before Rush's Great White Guilt gave her a national stage. Makes sense to me.

  And we have this Michael Steele guy, who certainly cannot be qualified for the RNC chair in Rush's eyes. Let's look at him. Turns out he was a high-school honour student, almost became a priest, and has a BA from John's Hopkins University. Mr. Steele also has a degree in law from Georgetown University. He worked on Wall Street before it became terribly corrupt and became chair of his local Republican committee. Through hustling his butt, Mr.Steele rose through his party in a fashion typical of any other and being chair of the RNC is a stepping tone in the remarkably centrist Republican's career. I mean this is a guy who managed to get 44% of the vote in a run for Senate- in Maryland. Under Rush's theories, even Baltimore is afflicted with this disease of white guilt.

  And so we have Obama, president of one of the most influential nations on the planet, who should be selling coconuts somewhere. You know because guys who work their asses off and go to Harvard are only useful as cheap labour if they're black. Barack Obama worked his butt off to get into Columbia and earned his degree, unlike college dropout Herr Limbaugh. While people tout Mr. Obama's experience as a community organizer, it was applying himself at this job that got him the dream placement at one of the most prestigious universities on the planet. And novel idea here, he excelled. Under Rush's estimation, Barack got good grades and became editor of the Harvard Law Review simply because his professors were afflicted by his imaginary Guilt Disease.
  Like many leaders before him, Barack Obama worked as a civil rights attorney and professor before setting his sights on the Senate. He served 8 years in his state senate and 4 years at a U.S. senator.(Insert Limbogarble voice here) "But he accomplished all of these things because of his colour instead of his competence." If you were paying attention at all, you would know that Hilary Clinton was the chosen candidate, and Barack won because he has a grasp of the issues of his populace. Those primary debates were war, and the best human being for the job won.

  I'm not sure whether Rush Limbaugh is offensive to blacks or whites the most here. Under his watchful eye any time a caucasian votes for, promotes, or enjoys the company of a person of African descent, he or she is feeling the great power of racial guilt. In his mind, blacks are not as deserving of a shot at the vast wealth that the uneducated, routinely fired malcontent possesses. No, THAT is offensive.

  Rush Limbaugh needs to take his racist, sexist, homophobic self and crawl under a rock. The same self-loathing hypocrite who hired Elton John to perform at his wedding is the one being paid tens of millions per annum to degrade others. The danger is not in Rush's words, but in the fact that misguided people may actually believe them. But alas, we live in a free world, one where Rush Limbaugh's pseudointellectual terrorism will always be welcomed by a certain paranoid segment. This man and his cohorts are the exact reason why people see the right as a lunatic fringe instead of a political ideology. It is no longer safe to be a conservative as long as these guys still control the airwaves.

  I'm sure there are a majority of people on both ends of the spectrum who cannot wait until hypocrites like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck eat themselves into the grave.

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