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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slimebag Saturday

  This famewhoring weasel is Levi Johnston and he's famous for being too cheap to buy a rubber and thusly knocking up the underage kid of an incompetent politician. After abandoning his responsibilities to shill his puny pecker out to Playgirl and prance around with D-listers, he saw his 15 minutes run out.

  Well, what's a human greasetrap to do? It's simple. Launch yet another publicity stunt. Ole Levi proposed to his baby mama and she accepted because of the allure of a reality show. They're claiming that they want to remain celibate until they get married. In other words, neither one of them wants to do the nasty with the other. It's official- there will be NO bumping of the uglies in the Palin-Johnston household.

  Now because of all of the press (aka sneaking onto Us Weekly to piss off baby granny) , Levi is going to star in a music video. An R&B video. Because failed carpenters from Alaska are all secretly full of funk.

 All of this fame hungry bullshit leads me to wonder something, mainly why this guy is still alive. I don't have to be a jillbilly who likes shooting things from helicopters to know that if someone like this came near my kid, he would vanish into the lair of some hungry polar bears. The dude deflowered Palin's kid solely because of who her mum is and then used that to slime all over LA and try to become famous. He's the extreme example of unwarranted fame.

  I can see how this will end. Levi will keep not banging his baby mama, dump her just before the wedding and move to Vermont and get married to Jon Gosselin or Mikey Lohan.

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