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Monday, July 5, 2010

Clueless Rebellion Part Deux

  There was a party in Vancouver on July 4th that few people knew about. In fact in a city of millions, only a few hundred non-media bothered to protest. Well, actually it was a celebration disguised as a protest since Canucks have the right to assembly.
  Now what were they celebrating, you may ask.

  They were getting festive over their "victory" against capitalism in Toronto and protesting the arrests of 900 anarchist-wannabe douchebags. The festivities involved flag-burning and congratulating the Black Bloc on their destruction of police cars and private property. You see, harassing immigrant shopkeepers is a big victory over capitalism according to these misguided band of rich kids and welfare losers. Here's an enlightened quote from one of their leaders, Gord Hill (who looks to be about 17) :
“Four police cars were burned. Nearly a million dollars in property damage was inflicted. And we should be clear that vandalism is not violence, because the vandals targeted banks and corporations.”

  Yes, they assaulted big corporations like Steve's Music Shop (one of the last independently-owned music stores in Toronto that also rents out instruments to the needy.) , a mom-and-pop pizza joint, some locally-owned tourist shops and an independent jeweller. Their immigrant owners were also attacked. Just because you broke the windows of a couple of banks doesn't make you anti-corporate superstars. And even if it wasn't Steve's that was nearly burned to the ground and instead a Starbucks, who gives you the right to destroy the workplaces of decent, hard-working taxpayers?

  People paraded down the streets chanting things like "cop cars up in smoke, anarchy is no joke" and "no borders, no nations, fuck deportation" and taunting Vancouver police officers on duty.

  Okay folks, just because you read a Noam Chomsky book doesn't make you a wondrous and enlightened  being. You couldn't read if it weren't for taxpayer-paid education and the hard work of your now-embarrassed parents. You also have no right to burn the flag of a country that has provided you with health care, education, and one of the highest standards of living on the planet. If you claim to be citizens of no nation, seriously get the fuck out of mine. The right to protest does not mean that you have the right to engage in acts of racism and terrorism with impunity. The only reason all of you idiots were NOT arrested is because you chose to march in the Downtown Eastside and officers have their hands full trying to control other goings on in the most scummy area of Canada.

   I can GUARANTEE that these very same trust fund dingbats who "hate" police officers for doing their jobs would call 911 should someone try to break into their basement apartments.  Emergency personnel are required to assist everyone regardless of race, religion, social status, or political opinion. Not only must they actually do the jobs they are paid to do, but they enjoy helping people indiscriminately.

  If you promote or celebrate torching cop cars and assaulting innocent people, you are a criminal. If you burn the flag because you can't stand the idea of cooperating with your fellow citizens, it is time to leave. If you enjoy wanton destruction, anarchy, and terrorism so damn much, join the Taliban.


  1. Mister Harper appreciates your understanding, and support for the 1.3 billion he spent on your behalf. And I find it funny how these Nazi storm troopers could beat the shit out of teen age protesters at random, but were no where to be found to subdue a handful of thugs. I know I know, who could tell the good from the bad you say. hmmmm I wonder if the "ALL FUCKING DRESSED IN BLACK" might have been a big enough fucking clue. but hey these guys hit back so lets just stick to the chick with the bullhorn. Glad you approve of the Police state!!!!!

  2. The people in Vancouver were celebrating the damage done to people and their hard-earned property.
    There is no rationale for this.

    The G20 was a clusterfuck from the start because it was hosted in a major city when they should have kept it on the down low.

    The cops should have arrested more of these bozos, not less.

    Advocating destruction of property and assaults on the general public and people's workplaces is not justified.

    And as several of my friends were at the Toronto rallies would tell you, it wasn't a mere handful of thugs, there were tons. And people stood buy and even tried to hide them from arrest.

    if you want a police state go to Saudi arabia for a taste.


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