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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cry Me A River


 James Poulin is a tough-looking customer who is currently incarcerated at Florida's Brevard County Jail. Held since early 2007, Mr. Poulin should have been tried and sentenced by now but has requested 15 continuances on his trial for killing a woman while driving drunk. But Mr. Poulin has used his time to bitch and complain and generally annoy the justice system. You see, this killer sees himself as a prisoner-rights advocate.

  James Poulin has sued 6 times for various things, all but one dismissed. And now he is suing for torture. What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment? Watching movies on the prison-provided television sets.

  Brevard County is like most public facilities in our tough financial times. When broadcasts switched from analog to digital, they decided to screen educational DVDs followed by a related film instead of shelling out for new equipment. Because Mr. Poulin has been wasting taxpayer dollars for so long, he's seen most of the films on more than one occasion and now claims he cannot sleep because the noises are running through his head.

Cry me a f*cking river. Maybe if Mr. Poulin hadn't killed someone through his selfish actions he wouldn't be behind bars.   The sad thing is that if James Poulin hadn't been stalling, he'd be off to a prison that has these facilities and would probably be out by now. He can go inside his cell, close the door, and read a newspaper unlike his victim. the last thing she read was GMC before she became road pizza. A just punishment would be him having a woman's screams piped into his cell 24 hours a day. Or how about giving him actual Chinese Water Torture so he can reasonably compare the two.

  This cheeserocket is wasting time and money that could far more reasonably be spent on lawsuits on behalf of prisoners who are raped by guards or on drink driving education. In fact, if he wasn't consuming so many state resources, Brevard County could probably afford cable television. I wonder if his fellow inmates know this.

  Jail is not supposed to be a fun time. It's designed to hold you until you are sentenced for the offences against man and society that you have committed.

  Now go cry in your stainless shitter because some blogger made fun of you, you narcissistic, whiny moron.

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