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Friday, November 5, 2010

Face Off

 The elder gentleman to your right boarded an Air Canada flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver last week. And emerged the kid on the right.

  The unidentified man in his 20's so carefully concealed his identity and mimicked the movements of a very elderly man that he boarded the flight without anyone thinking anything was awry. as a matter of fact, he even had an Aeroplan frequent flyer card that he showed upon boarding. In mid-air, an astute flight attendant notice that grampa had very young-looking hands and kept his eye on the passenger. Sure enough, the old man went into the washroom and came out 50 years younger.

  CBSA met the unmasked man in Vancouver, carrying his disguise head and bust, cardigan, glasses, and hat. After escorting him off of the flight, he has made a claim for refugee status.

Photo: Vancouver Sun handout

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