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Friday, November 5, 2010

White Idea?

  Last weekend my favourite fun-filled night took place. Yes kids, Halloween. While I didn't decide to dress up as anything other than my (scary enough) self, a couple of guys decided to go to the royal Canadian Legion shindig dressed like this.

  The KKK/Confederate bozo's name is Blair Crowley, and you can't tell, but he's leading the fellow in blackface (retired Toronto cop Terry Nunn) around by a noose. They won the Campbellford, Ontario legion hall's Most Original Costume award. People were horrified. One guy walked out. The legion hall was flooded with complaints.

  This is purely my opinion here, but doesn't one have to be a least a little bit racist to think this outfit is a wise idea? Had I been one of the retired soldiers running this legion hall , they wouldn't have won a prize. I would have booted these douchebags out.

  Boys and girls, there's never a good night to dress like this, with or without the noose. Ever. If you are tempted to attire yourself in this garb, please call me and I will have someone kick your ass.

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