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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Media Moment : It's A Miracle!

  Belief is a tricky thing. We are a vast array of believers and non-believers, with more variations to belief than you could  imagine. There are over 33, 000 sects of Protestantism alone, all believing slightly different versions of the tale. To count each and every variation would likely result in millions, even billions of forms of faith. There is something out there for everyone who seeks something to take responsibility for his life as he sees it.

  Amongst some forms of observance is the credence paid to miracles. And with everything from the Virgin Birth to the Miracle On Ice there too is a miracle for everyone. I remember being 16 and in Beaupre, Quebec at a cathedral that purported to have the radial bone of St. Anne. There were piles of canes and crutches to attest to the great power of praying to this gold-encased arm bone. I recall thinking of the absurdity, especially considering my prior knowledge that 7 other churches around the world claimed to have this very same artifact in their midst. Certainly there was justification for the power of faith that allowed these people the self-esteem to drop their canes (or possibly 100 old canes tacked to the wall by an old priest who wanted more gold to gild the walls), but I was certainly not convinced that it was a supernatural being at play.

  The ability to believe that you are capable of doing something and then accomplish said task is within you. The extraordinary occurs daily amongst believers and non-believers alike. Whether there is or is not a God is open for discussion, but I'm certain that if there is one, it doesn't care whether the Broncos or Cowboys win and is certainly not waiting for you in a bag of Cheetos.

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