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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Media Moment : PFAW vs. SARAHPAC

  The door may have closed on the U.S. Midterm Elections, but the run for 2012 has already begun with savvy advertising that rivals anything prior to the midterms .

  From the Centre-Left we have the People For The American Way. They deliver us an ingenious blast from the past that borrows from Sid Davis' cautionary tales of the 60's. It uses talking points, nostalgia, and a little humour to send the message that PFAW does not jive with the new political climate and you shouldn't either.

  And from the Right we have Sarah Palin's SARAHPAC advert. SARAHPAC endorses candidates that tend to run the Christian Theology platform, but the video itself uses imagery and noise to engage the viewer. This advert has spurred discussion on whether Sarah Palin plans to run for the GOP presidential nomination. I'm going with yes.

 The 2012 Presidential Elections are already upon us. Based solely on this post-midterm advertising, who has won thus far?

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