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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hell On Earth

 Juana Elvira Gomez of Santa Fe, Argentina is an unbelievably strong woman.  The 43 year old mother of ten is skeptically stepping out into the world for the first time in over 30 years.  Ms. Gomez lost her mother and only defender at age 2 and her father decided he needed a new wife to serve him . After beating hiss daughter into submission for over a decade, Armando Gomez began visiting every possibly terror upon his only daughter.

 Juana Gomez was isolated, beaten continuously, and raped continuously for 30 years.  Her eldest son killed himself as a teen when he discovered that his dad was his grandfather, but DNA tests on the 9 ranging in age from six to 26 confirm that Armando Gomez is one of the most evil people alive.

  But the world might not have known of Juana or the monster controlling her very existence hadn't she finally found the internal fortitude to contact the Police after the 62 year old scumbag was arrested for robbery. Armando Gomez has denied his perversions and attacks, but is being held without bail and will likely never see the freedom he selfishly denied several other human beings.

  I wonder how many women and girls around the world are in similar situations to Ms. Gomez; violated in the most heinous ways by the person who is supposed to fight to the death in protection. Juana Gomez was held captive for 3 decades without anyone knowing her terror. Jozef Fritzl held his child in a basement for 24 years without even his own wife acknowledging the abuse. Two different women, denizens of modern countries, trapped and forced to bear several of their demented rapist's children.

  While the scourge of human trafficking is acknowledged as the horror that it is, with millions of victims worldwide, how many human beings are held captive by their own kin? These are most certainly not the only victims of familial sexual violence. There is religious sexual abuse, arranged rape in the form of marriages in exchange for money or status, and repetitive generational pattern evil. There are women and children who are forced to submit to the most abhorrent abuses sociopathy can imagine every day by family members that seem to be from another universe.

  May Armando Gomez never know a second of joy until his ultimate death, hopefully sooner rather than later. Folks, if you ever even think about a child in a sexual manner, do the world and it's innocents a favour and get acquainted with the muzzle of your shotgun.

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