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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Un Mauvais Mensonge

  You've seen this image used on billboards and postage stamps, used to demonize the IDF and the West in general. The French footage that claimed a murder of a boy named Mohammed al-Dura has been used as justification for suicide bombings, the beheading of Daniel Pearl and 9/11. According to Charles Enderlin of France 2, the IDF deliberately targeted Mohammed and his father for a full 45 minutes before killing the boy and wounding his father. Despite thee fact that France 2 only released 59 seconds of highly edited video, the international media pounced, declaring Israelis child killers and the Palestinians innocent.

  But what if it was all a carefully calculated lie?

  According to French media watchdog Media-Ratings, the incident is a complete hoax. Founded in 2004 after German forensics determined that Israeli fire could not have caused the holes in the wall nor the injuries to Mohammed al-Dura. The images at the point of Mohammed's death were also never released by France 2 because they would have told a different story- one that the French would not like to hear. If you believe in scientific fact, Mohammed al-Dura's tragic death was a murder, but it was not perpetuated by the IDF.

  The Western world has tried their best to discredit Media-Ratings' director Philippe Karsenty and keep the truth from being set free. Mr. Karsenty has been sued several times for libel, but was vindicated after the court forced France 2 to reveal their footage.

  Philippe Karsenty will be lecturing on Saturday in Ottawa, and I urge anyone who seeks truth to attend. His slide and video display reduces what people think they know about the al-Dura incident to a complete farce. It also exposes the depth that media will go to not only create a biased lie, but continue its propagation. Mr. Karsenty is also an example of the lengths that a nation will go to to vilify someone who dares to expose an unpopular reality and challenge propaganda for what it is.

  Never stop thinking critically. Don't always accept the established opinion or the latest political bias. The media should never lie to you, but when it does, do not be afraid to see the truths, no matter how inconvenient they may be.

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