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Friday, November 12, 2010

Freedom Of Filth

 I was alerted to the presence of a Kindle book on Amazon titled The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure a few days ago and asked to weigh in on it. I directed the reader to a post I did about NAMBLA's website while I looked into this.

  The e-book offers a defense of what author Phillip R. Greaves considers a legitimate sexual orientation. Complete with what can only be called perverse erotica, this and another Amazon release by the same author seek to bring "child-loving" into the mainstream, to legitimize it. It echoes NAMBLA's stance that current laws are discriminatory and the notion that adult-child sexual relationships are less harmful if between those of the same gender.

  None of the content of this appalling novella is incredibly original. It's all been said before, written about before, and sold on Amazon before. I've even written about this topic on a number of occasions and had a paedophile try to use the relativist "but you're gay and that's no different" argument to try to make me feel badly about calling for lifetime incarceration of sexual abusers of children. (And I still believe predators should be shown no mercy.)

  This book and similar titles would be considered child pornography in numerous nations, including Canada, but is protected speech in the United States. It ranks alongside holocaust denial and promotions of genocide and other grossly illegal actions as abhorrent but legal. However, just because it is legal to own doesn't mean that Amazon is mandated to carry the title. The First Amendment applies to the government and related institutions and Amazon is a private enterprise. As such, it can offer for sale whatever they please as long as it doesn't contravene the law. Right now, Amazon is offering another paedophilic manifesto, hundreds of anti-semitic texts including this, this, and this, and tomes glorifying animal torture as well as how-to guides for manufacture of drugs and explosives. Most of these are sold directly through Amazon as opposed to being self-published, like Phillip Greaves' titles.

   Amazon proudly sells a ton of content that the vast majority of the population finds objectionable, and the only reason why this book vanished is because of money. The publication of the title brought negative attention and the Twitter-led boycott. The potential loss of holiday revenue rang the bell of shareholders and executives.

  Personally I would love to see Amazon pull all books written that depict paedophilia in a positive light and my freedom of opinion states that I can ask Amazon to remove the content. I can get on the radio, buy billboard adspace, or write another book telling you what I think about the sale of literature that glorifies inhumanity. Amazon is not bound to obey me, but I have the freedom to tell you the title of every disgusting title sold on their website.
  Amazon and other companies are free to sell as they wish but not absolved from the ramifications and neither are those who pen certain content. Phillip Greaves has the freedom to publish his perverse defense of evil, but shouldn't be shocked that the police are investigating whether or not he has engaged in any of the illegal actions promoted. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to stick your foot in your mouth.

The book above is one of many sold on Amazon by pro-pervert author David L. Riegel, who is 79 years old as of the time of this article.

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