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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who Gives A Sh*t Of The Week

  In the world of people with no lives, stupid pictures and the like are a big deal, and today the battle of virgins plans to come to a head.
  In a few short hours, the wankstars over at 4chan plan to stop trading kitty porn to embark on a monumentally sinister mission- to shut down Tumblr.

  You see, the wankstars are pissed at the hipsters for stealing content they consider theirs, namely LOLcats, infantile internet words, and videos of idiots skateboarding off of roofs. I admit to having very little use for either platform since I spend my time in the blogosphere either reading or writing substantive content. Plus, I have my very own real-life LOLcats, one of which just fell out of the window sill in my office.

  So, if you are one of the three people I know of who uses Tumblr for anything worth reading, don't freak the f*ck out when it crashes today because of some useless sh*ts and their game. (Yes Sophia, I'm talking to you.)
 The hosers on Tumblr have planned a counterattack (for tomorrow) and it might actually be fun watching this Battle Of The Rejects play out live on Twitter. It will be bestiality versus Mean Girls in the ultimate DDoS showdown sure to take no prisoners and free you from having to worry about that creepy neighbour kid  looking through your bathroom window.  


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