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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reality Chick


 The TSA screening procedures have everybody and their uncle up in arms. One traveler's utterance of "don't touch my junk" has made him a folk hero and TSA agents have been physically attacked on several occasions for doing their job.
  Amongst those who enjoy civil disobedience is the National Opt-Out Day, in which travelers are told to decline full-body scanners and insist on the hands-on search. Slated for tomorrow, one of the busiest travel days of the year, the protest could delay flights and make the journey through security a serious pain in the ass.

  People, grow the fuck up. The agents are simply doing their jobs, which have become more difficult during this climate. If people came to your workplace en masse with the sole purpose of making your job more difficult you'd be upset, so don't do it to security officers. Your self-centred attention-seeking will have an effect on fellow passengers, including children and the aged. Nobody likes the regulations, but I can state that as a person who is routinely searched and taken aside it's not worth it to you to get arrested or fair to other passengers to interfere with their ability to see their families.

  If it really offends you to be searched, don't fly. There are a litany of other travel options that do not involve air transport. If you're just flying to make a point about the TSA being a gaggle of perverts, you're an idiot.

Trust me, nobody actually wants to touch your junk.

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