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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Song In My Head

  I used to have a lot of unusual late-night conversations with my buddy Jay, and tonight we had one of our off-the-beaten-chitchats.
  See, Jay moved to Vegas and in Vancouver you rust, Vegas you dehydrate. Thusly my odd mentality wandered into the theme park of mental illness known as Nostalgialand. I was instantly taken back to the mid-80's- a time of paper routes, beer sneaking, and claymation.

   And king were the California Raisins- the dandy little dudes that kept a generation of kids from requiring fiber. The adverts were so fun that an entire industry was revitalized, children demanding something cheap and healthy for a change. The Raisins continued the Chia Pet tradition of proving that you could sell anything if it was marketed correctly.

  Let's take a trip back to 1986 for 30 seconds of awesome.

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