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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hey Bully!

  I grew up around Staffordshire Bull Terriers, dogs commonly referred to as Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls can be dogs from several different breeds and are most commonly singled out for characteristics. They're tough-looking, sturdy companions often owned by irresponsible manchildren today, but 100 years ago, they were the most common family pet.

  Due to inbreeding, dogfighting, and a massive killing campaign by PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, the once-beloved Bull has found himself on the margins instead of the rug in front of the fireplace. Over 60% of Bulls are euthanized or shot on sight before they have a chance to be considered for adoption. It's a shame too, because Bulls are remarkably easy to rehabilitate, and far more forgiving than you or I.

  Hugabull is a British Columbia agency that specializes in rehabbing and placing these misunderstood dogs. They provide education and advocacy about truly amazing animals. But saving Bulls from abusive hoodrats and always-kill shelters takes money.
  With this in mind I'm happy to tell you about HugAbull's first ever EBay auction  . Not only will you help dogs but you can score some awesome British Columbia goodies at far below retail. It says on the ads that it is pickup only, but they'll ship anywhere for cost.

  Not everyone can open their home to a dog. Animal stewardship takes time, money, and love that we don't all have in abundance. But to advocate extinction of any species or breed simply because of its innate characteristics is contrary to what makes us human. Open your mind to the idea that all dogs are created awesome. Take time to hug a Bull.

The dog above is Brei, one of several Pit Bulls who work for the Washington State Patrol.

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