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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Must See That Isn't On TV

  Boilermakers are some of the hardest-working folks out there. Their detailed job takes them into nuclear power plants, mines, chemical processing plants, and even war zones. They're the welders who work in the places that most would be too scared to roam into. Boilermakers are amongst the most afflicted with asbestos-related conditions and are now getting sick because so many worked in the post 9-11 search and rescue and cleanup efforts. And these blue collar folks have created easily the best political ad of the season.

  It's not a pity-party talking about how Republicans have tried to crush their union and voted continuously to favour companies that poison tradespeople. It's broad-based and includes everyone, and that's why it sells. This should have hit the interwebs earlier instead of coming out 3 days ago, but it's better to get the message out sometime. And regardless of your political stance, it's something you must view and truly take to heart.

  Personally, I don't care who one votes for as long as they do so and make an informed choice. However, some of the folks that are tougher than you want you to know who not to vote for, or at least to make you question supporting those who idolize billionaires instead of heroes.

Enjoy. And vote.

P.S, the person that made this comment is a very damaged human being:

 "We don't need your stinking votes. We're going to clean your clock and neuter the arrogant nigger who is marching us towards complete insolvency. From now on we're keeping it white!" 

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