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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What The Blue F*ck Of The Weak

  When your loved one is send overseas as part of military assignment, there is no guarantee that he or she will return in the same condition. This is especially true of Canadian soldiers whose terms in Afghanistan are notoriously long and in dangerous locations such as Kandahar. For a second, imagine how you would feel if someone phoned you in the wee hours stating that your beloved soldier had been killed in action. Well, this is what has been happening to the husbands and wives of troops serving out of CFB Valcartier.

  The troops serving out of Valcartier are the last serving in a combat role in Afghanistan. It's a fact that some of those boys and girls will not come back alive. With this in mind, some reject has been calling military spouses at the base and telling them that their partner has been blown up. I cannot imagine how distressing such a call would be.

  Rest assured, the military will generally not contact a family member by phone, and never a family member who lives near a base. In the vast majority of instances, families are informed of the tragic event by an officer accompanied by a chaplain and/or physician. A surviving spouse or child will be assigned an Assisting Officer to help get through the most difficult time. While nothing can bring a deceased soldier back, as much care as possible is taken to be sensitive to the needs of surviving relatives.

  I have absolutely no idea what would possess anyone to do something so appalling. I can only imagine the depth of evil that must exist inside someone to find emotionally destroying people a form of amusement. Here's hoping that MP finds this foul stain on humanity and he is locked up for a good long time.

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