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Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook-Related Irritation Of The Week

Against my own better judgment,  I decided to sign into Facebook this morning. I know this is not terribly remarkable, as tens of millions of folks all over the world do this same thing on any given day. However, what greeted me is something new. Check it out:

This Social Media Survey is actually a scam to get you to enter your mobile phone number to subscribe to one of those Love Crush app thingies that cost $5 per week and/or $2 a message.

Okay Zuckerberg, what the Hell?! Don't you make enough money off of adverts and Mafia Wars kickbacks without trying to rope your loyal following into scams? Don't say you don't know about it- if you didn't, you'd sue for trademark infringement along with Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, and all of the other douchebag corporations making bank off of stupid kids who don't know what is what. Most adults can spot this racket, but our teens whose bills we pay might not until they get yelled at by mum or pop after the bill comes in. Beautiful job, fellas.

 It is exactly this kind of greed that has all but sunk MySpace and I hope you follow suit. From annoying apps to information peddling to this new racket, Facebook has gnawed off the hands that feed. Facebook was enough long before it tried to become MySpace.

  I'm going to play on Twitter now.


  1. While I don't think I could live anymore without my mobile phone, sometimes, I think my friend has a point..........................,,,,,


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