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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your Daily Awesome

 Allen and Violet Large of Truro, Nova Scotia are a couple who won over $11.25 million tax-free in Canada's national Lotto 6/49. They picked up their prize in July and they have less than 2% of it left.

  They haven't blown it on houses and cars and jewels. The septuagenarians have given it away.

  Family members, fire departments, and 2 hospitals that Violet has been treated at have benefited, as well as churches, cemetaries, and numerous charities. The cancer patient and her husband sat down with a pen and paper and figured out where the money was going to go down to the dollar. They've had a blast with the money and have no regrets.

  What's more, the couple continues to buy their ticket twice a week for the same reason they did before. They play purely for the fun of it and never expected a hefty prize. Here's hoping the couple scores another big win.

   Sometimes I really love people.

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  1. I hear about those old people,How wonderful is that


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