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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hell That Comes In A Bottle

  So you've got your Ed Hardy shirt, your cocked hat, and weird swagger. You're sauced on Jagerbombs and smell like a herd of horny camels. What do you do if you want to get a girl hammered enough to use your Ed Hardy extra-tight rubbers and you're too cheap to drop big coin on real booze?

  Well, if you're a fistpumpin' orange agent like this cat, then you NEED Ed Hardy beer.

  Yes, for real. It's flat and tastes like tin, much like the other fine products produced by the sewer thieves at Tecate.

  Acrid and uric with the fromunda cheese aftertaste typical of lower-end Mexican brews; it will get you drunk enough to make you forget that you paid premium price for what is essentially rejected Tecate.

  But the lay-deeez will dig the high-class bottles.

 <--Imported from Mexico

<-- Brewed by Tecate

<-- Water from the sewers of Cancun

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