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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Media Moment: Indoctrination

   Activists argue that Gaza is some horrendous refugee camp, its denizens oppressed by the evil Israelis and Jews as a whole. In reality Israel is a multiethnic, multireligious democracy and Gaza has been described by visitors from other Arab states as a bounty of prosperity.

  With this wealth (Claimed to come from smuggled Egyptian goods that clearly display Hebrew packaging. Look for yourself.) comes media, and television programming is naturally a part of it. And kids get their dose of puppet characters as they do elsewhere. The fuzzy friends tell them to listen to their parents, eat right, and the Islamic duties of women. They also have messages that you might not expect.

Hamas children's TV program again calls for the 'slaughter of Jews' from Palestinian Media Watch on Vimeo.

"Silly Saraa, you're supposed to kill them."

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