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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Almost Famous


Another famous man has been forced to admit to stepping out on his wife because he was being extorted for money and figured he'd jump the gun and fess up.
    According to press, one of the women David Boreanaz fooled around on his wife with is Rachel Uchitel, and that makes me sad. Rachel seemed to be the most sympathetic of Tiger's kitties, but it turns out that she has the same all-season high school disease as a lot of women have.

  Women who pursue married men live in a fantasy world where men are objects and their partners are just competitors. They live their lives like school girls competing for the affections of the most popular boy and they want to win at all costs. This is why you see women like Monica Lewinsky, who fool around with multiple married men.  Their self-esteem is tied into how many other women they can beat . I've noticed how many flirtations are fired my way when I am single as opposed to seeing someone. If I'm taken, the number multiplies dramatically.
   We seem to have devolved  into acting on  our basest instincts. We have become cavewomen fighting over the ape with the most resources. In our day and age, public admiration is considered an important asset to financial success. When daddy doesn't hug you enough you can always find a spotlight as long as you hook up with the right man and duly hire Gloria Allred.

 I'm curious as to why  Gloria Allred represents these tragically damaged women. Isn't shamelessly throwing oneself at a man solely because of his wealth and social standing the polar opposite of what feminism stands for? Then again, feminism is no longer trendy. Maybe Ms. Allred is as much of a fame-whore as her clients and is selling out women as a whole in order to become relevant again. Maybe Gloria's self-esteem is tied into how much media attention she can get by spreading her own brand of ruin.

  Whores come in all shapes and sizes, ages and education levels. And some of the vilest prostitutes are people that nobody wants to fuck.


  1. I say if a man is gonna act like an "ape" and give in to an attention hungry whore, then the cave-whore can have him. I prefer someone as civilized as I am, hence my divorce. My hubby wasn't the first "taken" man she went after, he was just the one "ape" enough to give in and I didn't think he was worth the fight afterwards. Much happier now.

  2. Excellent comment. It seems to border on psychopathy in the fact that they are so focused on their wants and don't care about the wife and kids.


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