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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Should I Be Nauseated?

Justin Sisley is a wannabe reality-TV producer from Australia with an interesting concept. A reality show where virgins would be auctioned off and the whole process would be filmed. He is billing it as "The Documentary for the 21st Century".His recruiting posters even feature the likeness of the Virgin Mary and most responders to the "casting call" have walked out after realizing what they were "auditioning" for.

   Since prostitution is illegal in Australia, he is recruiting Aussies willing to fly to Nevada to be deflowered. All you have to be is 16 (the legal age of consent in Australia) or over and be able to avow that you are a virgin because that is somehow very desirable to dirty old men.

  Sisley has lined up several people of both genders and admits that the worst part is telling the parents of those he wants to exploit. The virgins will net around $18 000 to play Russian Roulette with their health and lose every shred of dignity. They will have no say in who fucks them, just a paycheck.

  Call me a conservative here, but I think this is appalling. I do not agree with prostitution in any form, let alone broadcasting all of the awkwardness on television. But at the end of the day, their bodies are their own to degrade as they see fit. The thing most disturbing is the fact that this will be frozen in celluloid for the families and future suitors of those who participate, not to mention their future offspring.

  Have we really sunk so low as a species that we find every form of innocence lost entertaining? In my mind Justin Sisley is a pimp of the most dreadful kind and if he was courting my kid, I'd skin him alive.

   Protect your kids. You have no idea who will be looking at them with lust in their eyes and money on his mind.


  1. Then call me conservative too. Humans HAVE sunk so low. Appauling human behaviour. More humans on earth, more appauling behaviour. Can I hold him while you skin him alive?

  2. Roof look up Natalie Dylan. This isn't even an original idea. ... and really ...if I could get 3.8 million for my virginity, I'd have taken it. But 18K with no say in who wins ... no way in HELL.

  3. I have heard of her. Few ideas are original. This has even been on film before. But Justin Sisley's incarnation is abhorrent.


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