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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Captain Obvious

  It came as a horror but no real surprise to Blue Jays faithful when Roy Halladay was dispatched to another team. The sting was amplified by the fact that his new club is the hated Philadelphia Phillies.

  So now Canucks are left with the sour taste of Doc's perfect game right before the G-8 summit. But not me.  Roy deserves this. He went from being the statistically worst starting pitcher of all time to the best of a generation and shared his love of the game with Torontonians for a decade. We watched the lanky boy grow from insecure to confident, incompetent to dominant, youth to adult. He gave his all to a city he still loves and he's going humbly destroy the Jays next time out. It gives you faith in the pro game when a guy can sign a contract and honour it with every pitch. This is a guy who shows up to work out before the ushers even wake. Roy Halladay has earned the perfect game honour, this is no fluke. And at only 33 and the peak of his career, don't be shocked if the 2 metres of meticulousness repeats the feat.

  Hats off Doc and congrats in earning your PhD in pitching perfection.

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