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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buy My Shit

 I have once again amassed an amazing sports memorabilia collection. And as such, I will offer up for sale a ridiculous item every so often for your collection as I opt for items from athletes I enjoy and through acquisitions have obtained spectacular investment grade collectibles of athletes I don't collect, but am sure some of you will.

  Today's objects of art involve a couple of exemplary athletes, and you can own the ultimate. Yes, there is a price, but awesomeness costs- and will pay off in the future.

  With this in mind I bring you...

1995-96 Collector's Choice Platinum Player's Club Wayne Gretzky Graded Near Mint (2 minor imperfections visible under microscope)
The Platinum cards were issued in packs that offered a 1 in 1000 pack chance of scoring a platinum insert ( i have dozens if you want a player) . With over 400 cards offered, you stood a 1 in 411,000 pack chance of scoring the coveted #1 Gretzky. Upper Deck honchos kept several of these for themselves and as such you had a 1 in a million chance of scoring this item.

And I'm offering mine up for you with a custom black top-load and shipping included. Sweet eh? Even better, for far lower than market value.

$80 will score you or your kid this once-in-a-lifetime 99 that will only increase in value. (psst, that price is around 70% of what "discount" hobby stores are selling this for. The only ebayer that has this has it listed for $120)

Why am I ponying it up? Well, I didn't dig Gretz being a Flyers fan and I figure one of you will enjoy this far more than I.

FAQ : Okay, how do I get this in my paws? : Easy! e-mail or tweet me and I'll hook you up. I'll take everything from a money order to WU to even a PokerStars deposit to rid me of this. I hate Gretzky but I know you love him so I'll make it easy.

Buy My Investment Grade Shit. If you want to.

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  1. My dad plays golf with a guy who was a commercial pilot. He flew Gretzky from Canada to wherever he owns a team down here (I should look it up, but that would be hiding my ignorance and being dishonest). He said the dude was awesomely nice. After the flight, my dad's friend was invited to the game. When they got there, he was invited up to the owner's box and sat next to the G-man himself. What an experience.


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