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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Epitome of Dark

 20 year old Ryan McCann was given an 8 year prison term after pleading guilty to 26 charges relating to the most obscene case of cyber-bullying ever.

  The little weasel used a ruse of having a tame modelling company and then hacked into all of his victims' computers. But this is just the beginning of the evil. He then used extortion and threats of violence to force his victims to perform grotesque acts via webcam for his "personal enjoyment". I won't tell you what these atrocities are because some are so revolting that you would puke and at least 10 of the girls were under 16. He also forced two 15 year old girls to perform on him on live camera and terrorized one child so severely that he believed she would commit suicide. His favourite ploy involved claiming to "recruit" the friends of the little girls into his rape scheme.

  But what is most disturbing about this little stain on humanity is his lack of remorse. Three years ago a psychiatrist labeled him a future predator, and in hindsight the doctor was absolutely correct. This shit told the court that he engaged in the evil because he enjoyed the "thrill of being a predator". When informed that he was caught after the Mounties connected a common spelling error amongst his 11 internet identities, his retort was "So, next time, I'll learn to spell better.".

  This psychopath is the exact reason why Canada has a Dangerous Offender law mandating indefinite sentences for individuals so sociopathic they are too hazardous to be among the general public. Hopefully during the minimum 6 years he will spend in federal pen he will be given the ultimate sentence, but in the meantime he will be kept amongst the harshest beasts in the land.

  Enjoy your time with the big fellas, pretty boy. You are going to be given a crash course in exactly what it means to be a victim.

  Rot in hell.

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  1. He will also come out even worse than he is now, after spending time with what's already in prison. I only wish that he wasn't ever coming out.


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