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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blast From The Past

 Remember the Motorola Brick phone? I do. I recently sold one to a film production company. But it brought back memories during the short time I had it in my possession.

My dad had one of these as well as its predecessor, the suitcase mobile phone. My sister was embarrassed because pop would walk around in public places with it. I'm sure he thought he was the coolest dude around. Back then, these things were status symbols, and men with them seemed important.

The Brick ushered in a decade where guys actually used phones in public more than women for the first time in history. What followed was a period of unabashed douchebaggery that remained unsurpassed until the proliferation of the Ed Hardy visual disease.

Yes, I'm THAT old.


  1. love it, so remember the brick. My dad had a brick in a carry bag with it's own power pack, which looked like a mini generator...

  2. I think I had a pone two models down thine line from a brick


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