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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Nightmare To Look Forward To

 I'm not a big fan of remakes of horror flicks, particularly ones one might see as "classic". The remqake of The Hills Have Eyes was vile and Psycho just seemed to be lacking. But this one I'm going to see, probably this week.

A Nightmare On Elm Street.

I remember the original well and have a Betamax copy in a box somewhere. My fondest childhood memories are of the rare weekends my dad would pick me up. We'd watch horror flicks by the half-dozen and I've seen almost every spooky creation made before 1988. The basic formula for an old slasher flick seemed cautionary, but there was usually a twisted creature that sought his revenge on the world. Michael Myers was an escaped mental patient, Jason Voorhees the ghost of a drowned child, but Freddy was pure evil- a child-killer who was burned alive. He is a villain with the ability to transcend dimensions and one of the first movie murderers that is not a sympathetic character. If you watched any of the Nightmare flicks, there was a serious chance of waking up in a cold sweat.

  I really want to see what they did with this story- whether they expanded the origin plotline like the remake of Halloween or whether they just recycled it with crappier actors and better special effects. Hopefully this rendition pays proper homage to the original, before-Wes-Craven-got-crappy dynamo of terror.

  I can barely contain my excitement and my prayers that Samuel Bayer's genius spans further than a Marilyn Manson video. Please don't disappoint me

  Sleep well. You never know what you'll dream of ;)

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  1. Rob Zombie does excellent remakes of old classic horror. I may watch nightmare on elm tonight & see if it's at least scary. Horror has come a long way since the original.Happy to see you have chosen a topic close to my heart :))


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