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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Definition of Cool

 Ben Hedblom is a normal high school senior. He has friends, studies hard, and hopes to graduate very soon. But he is a little different from most teens.

  While his classmates line up to buy the latest in top-down cool, he has worn the same pair of size 11 sneaks since grade nine. See, Ben made a bet with a teacher that he could not only get to graduation, but do so wearing the same shoes. The loser would have to shave his noggin for all to see.

  Mr. Antonini moved on, but Ben remembered the bet and has learned a ton about self-image and staying true to oneself. He used to be like every other kid, interested in the latest trends, but is now a young man who cares little of the opinions of others. His senior class project was centred around the psychology behind his now-tattered shoes, and the lessons he learned earned him a perfect score.

  His shoes flop when he walks and his feet have grown through the toes. Many concerned people have offered up new shoes, but he refuses. He doesn't even know or care if the teacher will hold up his end of the deal so long as he stays cool to himself.

  The teacher was tracked down, and Adrian Antonini plans to shave his head on webcam should Ben last the remaining month until grad.

  Treads of to young Mr. Hedblom for proving that cool is not in what you buy, but in who you are.

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