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Monday, May 17, 2010

Quelle Shock

I did a post way back when about Rachel Uchitel. I was disheartened by her going back on her original ethics and becoming mistress to the stars. Well, she's taking the next logical step in fame whoredom, going from high-class (and highly paid) VIP hostess to getting naked.

Rachel Uchitel is posing for Playboy for presumably a large sum of dollars. This after she claimed that she would not engage in such behaviour. She had previously claimed that her family would shit bricks if she were to pose sans attire, but something changed. Wonder if it had something to do with being named as mistress to another high-profile cat in addition to the fame she acquired through kissing and not telling the Tiger tale.

While she won't be showing pink, she will reportedly leave nothing else to the imagination.

Never be surprised when even the likable girl sells her soul to the highest bidder.

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