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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Into the sky went a legend overnight that brought a revolutionary concept to the fashion world.

  Giuliana Coen Camerino began designing handbags whilst hiding from the Nazis and made them the "it" accessory they remain to this day. Sported by glamourous and powerful women all over the world, the Roberta Di Camerino bag is still among the most coveted of treasures owned by trendy ladies, and for good reason. The matriarch of the Di Camerino fashion house insisted on velvets made on antique looms and clasps made by Italy's finest metalworkers and is credited with making "Made in Italy" a catchphrase for fashion accessories par excellence.

   The humble purse became more than just something to hold a lipstick and keys, but an objet d'art due to the vision of a brave and immensely talented woman who refused to compromise. She can rest well knowing that she created a trend that will never die.

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