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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Your Take?

  High school students in Silverdale, Washington have been barred from wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets because teachers view them as a "distraction".

  The colourful rubber bracelets sport sayings like "I love boobies! Keep a breast!" and are part of a fundraising effort by Keep-A-Breast that aims to teach young people about early cancer detection and prevention.

  While there is no word on penalties for offenders, it does lead us to ask whether the school is making a big deal out of nothing or whether the bands are too risque for a classroom.

   So I leave the floor to you- would it offend you to have your teen sport one of these bracelets or is the message more important than one word? Who is the boob here?


  1. this is not on, we are trying to teach our children to be more aware of others and to help others in need. I do not agree with this decision.

  2. Political correctness gone terribly wrong!

  3. This isn't surprising. It's a shame, but it's apparently acceptable. Breast cancer awareness is an important issue, using 'risque' slogans is a very good way to make breast cancer awareness 'cool'. One point I would like to make though is that prostate cancer needs more awareness than it has. I understand that prostate exams are humiliating to many men, but so are pap smears and mammograms. I would love to see an ad campaign that found a way to make prostate cancer awareness as catchy.

  4. To me, this is not any more offensive than wearing a shirt from your favorite band or sports teams. I guess I can see how this might be "distracting" to kids in middle school (which, by the way, kids at my brother's middle school wear these without incident), but High School kids should NOT find these distractive. They should be adult enough to NOT laugh at he word "boobies" or "breast"-- any high school student that has taken anatomy or health class should be used to the term "breast". These bracelets are used to show awareness for Breast Cancer- a disease which is not distracting OR funny- and I'll bet someone in the administrative office/a teacher or student will know or have known someone affected by it. There is a lot of things I could say on this subject but instead of coming off like a bitch, I'm going to say that this was a VERY ignorant decision on the part of the school. If I were a student at this school, I would wear more than one with pride. And now, after reading this post, I will wear the one I own gladly.


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