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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Florida CAN Be A Funny Place

  A 31 year old Florida woman received a surprise when she renewed her driver's license by mail. Instead of her street address, it stated that she was from "Eat Ass".

   Ashlee Lineberger thought she was seeing things, but she wasn't. when her somewhat steamed husband went to the DMV for an explanation, everyone in the office started howling. While the Linebergers are now pleased that the government is going to sort things out, they are left to wonder what kind of yoyos work for the state.

   She will be sent a new ID but will keep the semi-obscene one for posterity. She also prays that she doesn't get pulled over whilst she waits for the corrected card. At least the cop will know what's on her mind.

  Yes, I'm immature.

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