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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stop Me If You Think It's My Birthday

 May 22nd is The Day Of The Serial Epic according to this odd astrology book my mother has, and is also my birthday. It is the rarest birthday save for February 29th in the Gregorian calendar and nobody is really sure why.

  I share this day with many artists and political folks, some athletes, and even a video game character. But among Richard Wagner, Harvey Milk, Susan Strasberg, Bernie Taupin and the others is one epically incredibly chap that influenced the youth of many of us.

  Stephen Patrick Morrissey. The Mozz. The man with the elastic voice.

  Morrissey is one of the most prolific songwriters of the past couple generations and has influenced numerous musical genres and been covered by everyone from Coldplay to Radiohead. Even oddities like TATU have made his words their own. A forever critic of mindless pop culture and the father of modern indie rock, The Mozz laid out the framework for intelligent wordplay in modern music.

Happy Birthday to Morrissey and to everyone who has felt his presence in their soul.

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