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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Can't Cast This Part

Roman Polanski is a scumbag of the worst kind. He has hidden from the music due him from being convicted of raping an innocent in the worst way and has admitted over the years to enjoying "fucking" all sorts of people well under 18 (and by his own admission, under 13) and paraded an uncomfortable video of him douchebagging all over then 15 year old Nastassja Kinski whilst laughing at American "bourgeoisie".(He stopped dating Kinski when she turned 18) We all know that he's gross and hiding. But Polanski fans, feel a little optimism, for Randy Roman has a staunch defender.

In Woody Allen.

Woody has released statements claiming that his friend is too talented of an artist to be punished now, and that he's a really nice dude who "did something wrong and paid for it". According to the old creeper himself, Polanski "has paid his dues" and is "embarrassed by the whole thing". He has also "suffered". I shit you not.

Okay Woody, we all know that Mia accused you of molesting her kids and counted down the days until Soon-Yi was 17 before deflowering her in a hearse. (Yes, the only vehicle as mortifying as the idea of Woody with a woody) I suspect that you might be offering up a slightly one-sided view here. The opinion of a narcissist who likes barely-legal mamas just might not be the kind that Wretched Roman needs right now. But it is really not a shock in the vein of the names on the Polanski Petition- I mean we kind of expect a weirdo like Woody to stick up for his kind. Who knows, maybe such a celebrity "endorsement" might put the proverbial nail in the coffin of Paedophile Polanski- American jury pools already have a bias against Woody Allen, and might not feel the shine for one of his perverted pals.

  Either way, Polanski deserves to enjoy zero quality of life- to spend his 80th birthday in cells or at least too afraid to leave his domicile. If you engage this monster including working in any capacity in his future films, lose my number.

  Art is fantasy, and no amount of prowess can cause reality to vanish, but only obscured. Adolph Hitler was a skilled artist and Usama bin Laden a phenomenal poet , and we recognize these men as wretched, yet idolize contemptible characters like Henry Ford and Roman Polanski. We need to come to a time where we recognize Ford as one of the most bigoted of capitalists and Polanski as one of the most perverted.

  In the mean time we will watch as Hollyweird degrades itself further via its support for the most abominable of wretches. But while we are doing it, take a moment and think about the innumerable women and girls victimized by entitled beasts like Roman Polanski and his pampered ilk.

   It's time to place all of the casting couches into a pile and ignite them in honour of all of the victims of the most extreme horror to never hit celluloid.

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  1. right on. and thus the reason it should be officially called hollyweird instead of hollywood. yet, so ironic that woody is weird... anyways, that town lives in fantasy land; excusing molestation, body dysmorphic disorder, exploitation of kids younger and younger by the year and by 'glamourizing" depression and addiction. bless the few of those people who can maintain a stable life out there. it's gotta be tough.


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