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Friday, May 21, 2010

Watch Your Kids

 Parents are justifiably shitting bricks in British Columbia after some checked their kids' Facebook pages and discovered that grade 11 and 12 students at Lord Teedsmuir School in Surrey had a contest to see how many 8th grade girls they could have sex with.. The school has kids as young as 12 being educated with those as old as 19.

  Naturally, the school officials have spoken with the young girls warning them of the dangers of predatory seniors. Seniors have also been told of the legal ramifications of their rape contest. The legal age of consent in Canada is 16. Afterward, similar contests were found amongst other BC high schools. and girls are being cautioned that they are viewed as "fresh meat" by a generation of future men who have been raised to believe that children are nothing more than objects in our overly sexual society. Their group had the ominous moniker of The Little Girl Slayers Club. I shit you not.

  When did we become so desensitized, so inhuman, that our kids are turning into predators? If I found that an 18 year old was courting my 13 year old, I'd cut his nuts off. If that was my kid involved in this, I'd turn him in to the cops for his own good. All of these punks should be incarcerated like the rapists they are.

   Guard your girls like the angels they are and teach your boys the true definition of respect.

  This shit makes me sick and it's only going to get worse if we don't step up as a people.


  1. My boss' 3 daughters are in all girl private schools. The oldest daughter's school is totally computerized. (students allowed only 500 sheets of paper a year) and actually requires parents to monitor their childrens' webpages. Somehow the school gains access to blogs, myspace and facebook; anything they deem inappropriate results in the child being expelled. Some claim violation of privacy, but it's what you sign up for when you enroll your child there.

  2. The kids in my family have Myspace etc. but they do NOT have their passwords. In other words they can't log on until I do it for them. I read their messages then let them have their time on the pc.If you are a parent & don't know whats going on in your kids life, SHAME on you.


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