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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Call Me Judgmental..


...excuse me , mum. I think you are forgetting something here. You can tell by the look of helplessness and anger that this child will grow up to murder his parents. And it will be justified.


  1. hahahahahha Maybe be so BUT he may have just refused to get out of the cart so mum and dad
    just let him be.

  2. Leaving a kid in a shopping cart covered in boxes is kinda dumb. Being judgemental about any kind of parenting is a sport I just don't get. People love their kids and mostly do their best. It's a hard fucking job! If there a crummy parents in the world lets get fired up about helping them not tearing them down.

  3. It doesn't take a hard fucking to become a parent, any old fucking will work just fine.


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