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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cry Me A River

 19 year old Nancy Nguyen has taken to the national news to protest Georgia's punishment for young drivers who illegally pass school buses.

   Seems she's pissed off about having to write a sentence 2500 times after being nailed for passing a stopped school bus. Folks under 21 who are caught endangering kids by not respecting their right to cross are expected to write the phrase "I will not dishonour myself by passing a school bus."

   Miss Nguyen doesn't think she should have to comply and claims she didn't see the bus. We ALL have excuses for every traffic ticket and cops don't bow to our every whim.

  It is this girl's attitude that is the exact reason why she should have to comply. Nobody else has whined to CNN . She claims embarrassment at the sentence, so I wonder how she's feeling now that everyone in Georgia knows that she is an entitled driver. She could have smoked little children crossing the street and doesn't care. I say call her bluff. Lock her up in the Atlanta County bucket for a few hours and she'll change her egotistical mindset in a heartbeat.

  Laws exist for very valid reasons, and when they are broken we pay the fine and move on. Judges do not exist to pander to the incessant cries of spoiled little shits with no regard for human life.

Enjoy your day in court princess.


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  1. Writing lines? I'd say that's a pretty easy penalty. I got a speeding ticket for driving too fast in a school zone several years ago. I thought school was out for Easter holiday. (it was in my parish) Anyway...writing a few lines would have been much better than paying the fine and upping my insurance rates. Bring on the pen and paper.


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