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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Cautionary TALE

I was watching the news last night and this tale came on that was shocking and quite disgusting to me came on.

   According to the story, a 72 year-old woman  is in love  and having a baby via a surrogate with her biological grandson. The story is of a man named Phil who went looking for his mother's biological mother after his mum passed away. The matriarch then made a pass at the young guy and he responded favourably. He apparently digs older ladies and neither seem the least bit grossed out about it.
   Now the septugenarian and her "lover" are expecting a baby via a surrogate that seems okay with this. They claim that this in an authentic orientation where biological relatives are attracted to each other. Incest has a new PC term called "Genetic Sexual Attraction" and they cannot be blamed for their behaviours.

   News agencies have picked up on this and are spreading the tale around the world.

  But I'm calling this one a hoax for a number of reasons.

   The main idea behind most hoaxes is the great cautionary tale and this seems to have elements of it. If you don't control yourself, you might fuck your close relative. Plus, it has the "improbable love" element common to fantasy. Tie in the invented new "sexual orientation" and you might have a religious element. "See what happens when you accept one perversion. They all become normal."
  There is also a great absence of detail. The woman is apparently from Indiana, but there is no info about where he hails from, where they live, where the surrogate does- I'm not talking street addresses but countries. There is also no information about any details of "Granny Pearl"'s life before Phil or his before her. No details on whether either were ever married previously and whether there are other relatives. Nada.
  The photographs could easily be innocent and used to fuel the story. For all we know the "surrogate" could really be "Phil"'s wife and the "granny" could be either of their mothers. Pearl is no hot mama, but she also doesn't look 72 either. Outside of the photos and this story, there has never been a live interview or local news record of this couple existing. I'm calling bullshit here.

   Whether a prank or cautionary tale, this sucker has the next Snopes entry stapled all over it. In every country that they could possibly live, one or both of them would certainly be arrested. And no surrogate mother would agree to such a thing. People love being grossed out. They also live to have someone challenge their ideals. This is a hoax to be sure, but what IF it were true?


  1. I agree with you on this one, I would be leaning towards this being a prank or slander. I have seen this on a few different sites, it's fairly widespread, so whoever this Phil guy is, he is probably having a hard time grocery shopping with everyone whispering "is that him?" or directly confronting him.

  2. OK im grooving on a younger dude atm, and im no where near 70..& there is no way in fucking hell im having another kid, even WITH a surrogate. All I can possibly say is WTF? and hope like hell it's a hoax.


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