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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friends Don't Let Friends...

.. set their kids up for a lifetime of irritation by misspelling their names.

  I know so many people who want to seem unique and give their kids normal-sounding names with atrocious spellings in order to seem "unique" or "crafty". It's bad enough that your future molecular biologist is going to grow up with a name like Raisin Flatulence, but at least spell-check it before you sign on the line.

  A name can signify strength or power while being sufficiently adorable enough for a kid if we spell them correctly. People frequently skew spellings of traditionally masculine names to apply them to girls. The problem is that when you name your micromama Jacksin or Maddysyn, they don't seem set up for a future as an attorney, but as a stripper.If you want your child to have a name that conveys authority, utilize the age-old spellings ; Ariel, Eden, Madison, and Ashley may be traditionally male nomers, but are all fine examples of this.

   And wee men may be less often victimized by the weird name, but it happens. I've heard of boys named Rl (Earl), Shjon (Shaun),  and Tieler (Tyler). You can give your boy a name like James and he'll probably let you call him Jamie as a kid and prefer Jim as an adult, but if you name him Jaymi he'll send you the bill for an expensive change of that as soon as he's 18.

   Friends don't let friends set their kids up for a lifetime of torture from students and confusion from teachers. Ridiculous and erroneous monikers do not look good on most job applications, unless no-longer-little Kristiffer is applying to Chippendale's. Choose your kid's name wisely. He or she will be the one stuck with it for 80 years.


Greatful that my parents didn't name me MeShell.

The photo above is of hockey player Shane Morrisonn, whose parents decided to confuse the world by spelling it Shaone.

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