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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dick of Death


  Liberal pundits are having a field day with the news that Dr. George Rekers hired male prostitutes and have likened him to Ted Haggard and others as fallen homophobes. But while Haggard may have said some contemplible things about gays from the pulpit, Rekers is a different beast entirely.

Dr. George is a man who is so evil, gays really don't want him as a member of our fold. George Rekers has used his self-loathing uber-Christian stance to undermine the rights of others. He has preached against gay adoption and his "medical" opinions reaffirmed the Boy Scouts of America's homophobic stances. Those things alone make him a bigot and a general douchebag, but George Rekers has made a living out of peddling misery to children of good christian parents.

  Dr. Rekers and his cohorts at NARTH make bank by selling "cures" to homosexuality. Their "research" involves selling false hope to parents of struggling teens and promotion and utilization of remedies new and old to cure what they see as a mental disorder. George Rekers believes that homosexuality is a gender disturbance that can be arrested through aversion therapy. As someone who was subjected to this from a psychiatrist who shall remain nameless, I will assert that there is nothing "therapeutic" about this process. You are shamed and punished into whatever the shrink feels is gender-normative. If you would rather play baseketball than wear a hideous dress, you will be imprisoned until you submit or are saved (as in my case) by a real doctor who discovers his coworker is a nutjob.

  So George Rekers hates gays and preaches intolerance to schoolchildren, and that is a big deal since he seems to enjoy the carnal company of very young gentlemen, but that isn't just what makes him scum. Dr. George has also testified in court that Native Americans should not be permitted to be foster parents and has published tracts vilifying working women and promoting very aggressive spankings of children. He has been the educated face of the racist, sexist, homophobic Baptist for a generation simply because he hates himself.

  George Rekers' greatest crime was not his views, his grandiosity, or even his hypocrisy. His most grotesque offense was convincing a generation of parents to hate their own children in the name of G-d. Thousands of families torn apart because they believed that their children suffered from a disease. After all, they aren't doctors, George Rekers is. The bad doctor is a hellish example of the power we give to men because they have an alphabet following their names. No public "outing" will alleviate the pain and guilt these families are feeling right now.

  So while you are having a laugh about the latest jerk caught with his dick in the wrong person's trap, consider who the idiot is and just how much damage he has caused. People use all kinds of things to remedy their internal distress- booze, drugs, prostitutes, and more. But when family values becomes a band-aid for self-hate, we all lose.

You cannot fall from grace when you never had any to begin with.

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