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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Star Treatment

 The World Cup is set to commence, and flaky Argentine cokehead coach Diego Maradona has already made his presence felt in Johannesburg.

   Seems the notorious admirer of Chavez and Castro had issue with the washroom facilities at the Pretoria High Performance Centre. Due to a demand from the Argentine Football Association, Maradona's crappers will be given new wash basins, cisterns, toilets, taps, and the snazzy E-Bidet toilet seat. Apparently the heated seat has bidet wands (which I'm sure Diego knows all about) and an ass drier. For a dude who claims hate for all things decadent and American, this seems a little posh to me.

   Everyone who follows the Cup knew it would be just a matter of time until the narcissist with a penchant for partying would make the event all about him. 

  The 5'4" nutbar has also promised to run naked through the Obelisk in Buenos Aries if the Argentines win.

  Go Brazil!!

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