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Friday, May 14, 2010

Scumbags of a Lifetime

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I'll warn you beforehand that this post is very graphic and will probably make an old drill sargeant cry.

  Two stains on humanity were arrested in Utah for killing their kid in the most heinous of ways. Nathan and Stephanie Stroop are expected to be charged with a string of felonies related to one of the most revolting crimes I have ever heard of.

  Little Ethan Stacy was sent to spend the summer with his non-custodial mother and her then fiance. Within a week he was subjected to horrors that even Clive Barker couldn't invent for celluloid.

   On May 5th, Nathan Sloop took the 4 year old boy into a room and beat him severely. The mother knew something was up because his face was severely swollen, but really loved her old man. The next day they locked this innocent in a room and rushed off to get married because they were afraid that someone would call the police if they saw the state of the boy.
  The young fellow was beaten and neglected over the next few days as his health deteriorated. Instead of taking the child to a physician, they fed him adult painkillers and ignored his agony.
  Last Friday, the male fuckface phoned Stephanie and told her that Nathan had been scalded in the tub. When the so-called mum arrived at home, she discovered her baby was severely scorched from his feet to his backside and had shit stuffed in his mouth.
  Cue to Sunday morning, when mum went to get a prescription for lazy ass and left her responsibility in the care of a psychopath. When she returned, her son was dead.Instead of raising any kind of objection or alarm, she assisted Nathan Sloop in disposing of her child's body. To avoid identification, they bashed his face in with a hammer and buried him in the mountains. Stephanie Sloop then called Police and reported her son as missing. Eventually Nathan confessed and led cops to his stepson's mutilated remains. When asked why Stephanie didn't report her demented husband, she claimed that she didn't want dicksmack arrested.
Well boo-fucking-hoo.

  This little bitch is exactly the kind of damaged beast that so many women have become. Continually obsessed with male attention and their own needs, a child is just an obstacle. This defenseless being had an entire family willing to care for him, but she just could not have that. She abetted a sadistic freak and she should never be allowed to see the light of day again. As for microdick, well he is a walking poster idiot for a firing squad if there ever was one. These savage stains deserve no quality of life whatsoever. If guards ass-fuck them with batons on an hourly basis, I would feel no sympathy. There has been no punishment invented by man that is sufficient to deal with these horrifyingly demonic subhumans that dared to call themselves parents.

  Even Satan himself couldn't conceive something this abhorrent.

  I hope someone slices you open and allows you to witness maggots consuming your flesh.


  1. It should be an automatic death sentence for anyone who touches a child!!

  2. This is what life in prison is for, take a life and you should lose your's. Death penalty or not they should never be free to do this again .
    That poor boy,so very sad.

  3. She should be hog tied and beaten with a stick. Bitch.

  4. This is when the death penalty is too Good! Let them suffer how that poor child did!! It's only eye for an eye / tooth for a tooth. Either way, may they burn in hell for the hell they brought onto earth!!!


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