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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool Toy

The sex toy industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business. Old and young, single and married, it is a safe bet that a fair percentage of you own a vibrator of some sort. The problem is that the majority are made in chinese sweatshops and are powered by batteries that are toxic to the environment once disposed of. So what's an earth-conscious girl to do?

  The Irish couple behind Earth Angel sex toys has an 8-inch app for that.

  Caden Enterprises manufactures vibrators that require no outside battery source. You see, much like that survival radio you keep in your trunk, they have a flip-out hand crank to charge the internal battery. You'll never need to make an emergency run for a package of Duracells every again. Not only that, but you can also charge it with your computer or solar panel's USB port, presumably while you are reading my blog ;)
  The packaging is recyclable, as is the vibator, but who needs to send something that lasts forever to the bin anyways? (And admit it trash collectors, you'd be a tad weirded out if you saw one of these in the green bin) But I haven't gotten to the best part- after not being able to find an Irish company to make this, the wise minds at Caden opted for an English manufacturer. That's right- no pre-teens in Bangladesh or wherever getting their hands fried by an injection molder for 12 cents an hour. WIN.

  If your bespectacled biology professor comes to work more cheerful than Richard Simmons at a fat farm, you'll know why. She's discovered the Earth Angel vibrator.

  If you feel like releasing your inner hippie go HERE to find out more

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