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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Is Why..

... I do not want to win a large lotto prize.

   In Brazil, Police informed Fabio de Barros that they had arrested his biological father for putting out a contract on his life. Seems 60 year-old Fransisco had decided to hire two men to kill his son so cash in on his son's lottery winnings. The younger of the Barros clan had won 16 million dollars in 2006 and pop wanted the dough.

  As someone who witnessed a brutal battle over my late grandmother's puny estate i know for certain that should I come into a huge amount of bread via lottery or plain earning it, I'm going to want to vanish . Family members would be appearing left and right. There would be zero peace and it certainly wouldn't shock me if there was a price on my head. I know exactly how greed works because I've witnessed it up close and personal.

  We are a people who have morally degraded to such a level that the value of paper exceeds that of human life. For this exact reason, many wealthy folks I know keep small circles of friends and family and most have security personnel on their staff. It's not snobbery, it is self-preservation. All they want to do is go to work and come home to their partners and kids, but the obsession by others over digits and decimal points  makes some people targets.

  Whether it comes from decades of hard work or a 30-second random drawing, money is never easy.

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  1. AND that is why WHEN I win, I will be soooo gone, soooo invisible, BYE BYE forever #fact


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