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Monday, June 28, 2010

Great New Product

  MadeByCosmo has begun selling this gem of a gift for iDorks everywhere.

  The Sound-Enhancing iPad Stand uses reclaimed wood to make a mockery of you. It's a BOX missing a couple of sides with a hole drilled in the side for the power cord. "Cosmo" claims that the box's "built in sideboard amplifies sound to maximize the listening experience" . I'm not exactly sure how it does this, but the "sideboard" does seem to be the only thing keeping this from being a completely flat hunk of wood. The "perfect viewing angle" comes from the fact that the box is slightly too small for the gadget. I'm in wonder at the genius.

  Here's my advice: use your iPad to find the nearest smoke shack and hack off a couple sides of a cigar box. Or take some scraps from a local construction site and that useless tool kit your mother gave you and make your very own pine box for your dignity. And if you decide that your shiny new toy deserves a cheap wood box, you might just want to imbed the screws and cap them. (those wood cap doohickeys are about 10 cents a pop)You CAN do this. I believe in you.

  But if you REALLY aren't capable of creating your own splinter-causing embarrassment, wander over here and pony up $25 (plus $10 to $26 shipping) for the object sure to meet its demise as kindling for the next campout bonfire.

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  1. I always wanted a pine box..but not quite like that..& btw u could follow MY blog *raspberry*


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