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Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool Toy

  This is Larry Mcclure and his Cool Toy is his amazing mustache. His Yosemite Stache scored him a trip to Orgeon and a cool grand at the first-ever U.S. National Beard and Mustache Championships. Awesome facial fuzz contests are known the world over and have websites and dedicated fans, but this was the first major event for the hirsute on American soil.The mellow Californian admits that the best part of the event was having his prize handed to him by the lovely Miss Oregon.

  Very few guys can grow a mask-mane, let alone one like this, so  it is a fine thing indeed. Plus, this cat has a DUDE job- he's a welder. How one could work the length of time required to grow such spectacular strands without scorching them off is beyond me and applause-worthy.

  This is one happenin handlebar.

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