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Thursday, June 3, 2010

WTBlue FUCK Of The Weak

  Americans like to argue politics and it's a given that righties have decided that one religion trumps all in their vision.

  It is no longer permissible to be a non-Christian Republican in America. While Conservatives in countries like Canada are represented by people of many spiritual traditions, this is simply no longer the case south of the border.

  Today the Christian Broadcasting Network published a story about Nikki Haley, the overwhelming frontrunner to become tthe GOP's gubernatorial nominee in South Carolina. In the story, she told of how her website has been changed to reflect a more Christian bias, and while she was raised Sikh, she now considers herself conveniently Christian. A couple of hours ago, Republican senator from South Carolina, Jake Knotts attacked Ms. Haley. The barrage included this fun and oh-so-inclusive slur toward a member of his own party.

" We already got one Raghead in the White House, we don't need no Raghead in the governor's mansion"

  You are not hallucinating. This esteemed and supposedly educated state representative said this. On live radio. You know, because it is so horrifying for a brown mama to replace a serial philanderer who lied to the nation.

  While the Republicans are reeling and distancing themselves from Knotts, people with any idea of equality are jumping all over this, and they should. But at least this beautiful, intelligent, brown fiscal conservative now knows that she really is not welcomed by many GOP honchos. And this IS important. Ms. Haley is going to take this adversity and she will win bringing a spirit of diversity back to a party divided by scared old white guys like Jake Knotts.

  Jake Knotts should resign and whine about the price of beer and NASCAR tickets with the rest of the braindead rednecks or choke to death on a Double Down.

  With friends like Senator Knotts, the Republican Party does not need enemies.

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  1. She may want to consider being a tad more discreet with her one night stands tho *wink*


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