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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad Sports

  Those of you shocked about the USC football scandal involving Reggie Bush and the sanctions, listen up here.

  USC is lucky that they have a football program period for 2010, because the University of Waterloo doesn't.No games, nor practices. The locker room has been locked up for one year as a result of the entire program being suspended after two players and one former player were arrested for trafficking steroids and human growth hormone. The CCES tested the entire team and found at least 9 additional violations and suspects there will be more once blood tests come in. Of the first nine, linebackers Joe Surgenor and Joe Meredith have been given two year suspensions and more are sure to follow.

  Some people do not believe this to be fair to the players who didn't test positive for drugs, but I believe it is. When as much as one-third of your team is doping EVERYONE knows about it. These guys take classes together, train together, eat meals together, and party in the same general circles. Turning a blind eye isn't innocence, it is ignorance. When you know that large numbers of your teammates are using performance-enhancing drugs and you reap the benefit of it, you ARE a cheater . Team Captain Patrick McGarry shouldn't be on TV whining about the fairness and commenting about the skill levels of those caught, he should be kicking ass. If you look at all the crying players and listen to their speeches none of them claim to not know of the drugs, but just that they are personally not responsible.
  Well boys, football is a team game and you live and die as a whole. Focusing on the individual as opposed to the collective is why you have been an awful team on the field for years and a desperate and selfish one off of it.

  Enjoy your year off having to actually pay attention in class.

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  1. The coaches were not involved in this issue at all. As soon as the coaches found out about the investigation of Nathan Zettler they informed the CIS whom then decided to test the entire team. The coaches are not to blame in this situation. They were responsible. What a terrible decision by the Athletic Director. 9 kids tested positive, that means over 50 did NOT and should not have to sit out a year because of this. Continue testing, penalize the cheaters, let the rest play.


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